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Genre:  Ska, Punk, Jazz, Dance

Albums:  Ska Vengers, XX

Booking Contact:  Laiq Qureshi -


India’s first ska band, The Ska Vengers were formed in 2009 and have since been touted as one of the most fun Indian indie acts to watch. Their sound is an organic melange of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, Jazz and Punk with some Cuban and other Latin influences thrown in. Known for introducing socially relevant themes in their songs, they performed for 2,000 inmates inside South Asia’s largest jail, Tihar in 2012. Their most recent album - XX - has received critical acclaim, and one of the music videos of the song 'Frank Brazil' got them nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards. 


Genre:  World Music

Albums:  Distant Light

Booking contact:  Laiq Qureshi -

The founding members of Hang Massive are Danny Cudd from the UK and Markus Offbeat from Sweden. Both seasoned global travellers they met on the shores of Goa, India where for many years they had passed the winter months enjoying the enlivening and creative vibe that flourishes there each season. From India they travelled back to Europe and this is where they began to play music together, initially in the streets and then increasingly performing live at venues and festivals world wide. 


Genre:  Beatboxing, Looping, Drum n Bass

Albums:  Thinking Clear, Theory of Harmony, A Crossworlds, Everythinks a Ripple, Live in the Street

Booking Contact:  Laiq Qureshi -

Dub FX is Melbourne born, Ben Stanford. Largely unknown in his home country, Stanford has busked his way across the rest of the world, performing his unique brand of loop artistry; a technique whereby Dub creates music entirely with his own voice and then sings, raps and vibes all over the beat he has just laid down. Performing for free across the world, Dub FX has eschewed from major labels and shiny marketing campaigns, building a fan base that tops 600,000 fans on Facebook.


Genre:  Funk, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul

Albums:  Winter of Woodshed, Modus Operandi

Booking contact:  Laiq Qureshi -


Mr.Woodnote & Lil Rhys are two of the most notorious buskers Bristol has ever produced. After getting shut down on the street by police all over Europe they are back in Bristol to finish their new album Modus Operandi.


Originating from Australia, Mr. Woodnote creates his bouncy beats, funky horn lines and fat bass lines all live on the spot with the aid of a loopstation and of course his artistry with a saxophone and as a human beat boxer. Bristol's own Lil Rhys, a most formidable MC, brings the audience together and the party to life, a show not to be missed.


Genre:  Beatboxing, Looping, Drum n Bass

Albums:  Thinking Clear, Theory of Harmony, A Crossworlds, Everythinks a Ripple, Live in the Street

Booking Contact:  Laiq Qureshi -

FRASE is a singer, multi-instrumentalist & beat maker from Montreal, Canada. He pulls from the retro and pushes into the future by effortlessly blending the sounds of golden era Hip-Hop, Soul, Dub reggae and Blues with touches of modern dance floor flavours of Trap, Garage, and House. 

Reorded in the rain forrest of Australia at Dub FX's private home studio in 2015. Produced by CAde of Convoy Music the EP was written and performed by FRASE, holding it down on vocals, guitars, keys, bass, and percussion and is a mix of organic and urban textures with an emphasis on the soul side of his catalog.


Genre:  Carribean, Gypsy, Balkan

Albums:  Malabi Tropical

Booking contact:  Laiq Qureshi -


A show that breaks all boundaries, leaving the audience hard to stay in place. Since 2014 the band has performed more than 250 shows all over the country,includes some of the biggest festivals in Israel.

Malabi Tropical define themselves as a MULTICULTURAL fiesta, “Our music represents, the fusion, and the evolution of multicultural societies in which we are inspired.

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